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hello again livejournal world [Feb. 1st, 2012|10:42 pm]
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[music |adele- 21 album]

Hello again.. Guess I have been avoiding this stuff mostly for a few years again. Should have realized by now that usually means I'm terribly miserable and in denial but clearly I hadn't realized that yet.
Lots has happened... Waiting on my divorce to be finalized.. Had a beautiful baby boy who's the love of my life nov 2010,mr Liam. Mackenzie is so big now and so smart she's almost 3, unbelievable.
Kicking ass at work. Finally feel like it matters that I'm there.
Sold my house.

Been thinking a lot lately about mistakes and how your perception of yourself in relation to others can really fuck you over long term.

On the other hand I feel stronger, less robotic.. Think having kids softened me in a way that made me stronger which I guess is kind of bizzarre.

Reconciled with some people I never should have fallen out with.. Fell out/still fallen out with some others I am missing but I guess I get where they're coming from. I wish I had been stronger then and none of that would be happening but c'est la vie. It turns out loving people doesn't require their consent or reciprocation. So I guess that's all I can do